Series Description

With The Brown Paper Bag Series, triangle will expand its outreach and service to the community by producing a year-long play reading project showcasing a unique series of early 20th century plays which relevantly connect to contemporary racial discord. triangle will present readings of four “anti-lynching” plays (most written by African American women) which have deep historical significance. We’re honored to showcase an underrepresented group of writers, and introduce their stories to a new generation. Using the tools of the theatre, adding video, music and audio from the stage, triangle can enrich the experience and elicit a dialogue from the attendees, as well as carry the readings and ancillary workshops into public schools and community groups. 

Shows in the series:

Georgia Douglas Johnson's Blue-Eyed Black Boy - staged reading | October 5th at 7:00 pm [Pay What You Will - Minimum $5]

Mary P Burrill's Aftermath - staged reading | November 28th at 7:00pm  [Pay What You Will - Minimum $5]

Georgia Douglas Johnson's Safe - staged reading - date TBA



Starring Salim Sanchez

The next reading of The Brown Paper Bag Series is Aftermath. It will be presented at triangle productions on Monday November 28th at 7:00pm. In Mary Burrill's 1919 one-act, a young black soldier who has served his own country in World War I comes home to rural South Carolina, and learns that someone close to him had been lynched by a white mob. This short, powerful play, is presented as a staged reading, directed by RaChelle Schmidt. A discussion will follow the reading. 

Blue Eyed Black Boy

Meet the Cast


Andrea White

Skeeter Greene
Pauline Waters

Josie Seid  
Hester Grant

James Dixon
Dr. Thomas Grey


Rachelle Schmidt


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