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Three Weeks Only!

Walter cole as Darcelle

Walter cole as Darcelle

Walter Cole worked at a local grocery chain, then purchased the first Portland coffee bar. Land use moved him out twice until he purchased an old beer/wine tavern in the skid row part of town. One day a woman walked in, went straight to the restroom and within minutes came out as a man. That person was Jerry Ferris who Walter would get to know soon as Tina. Their friendship forged into a drag act that in 1974 became “Darcelle XV”. And through a chance encounter Walter would meet Roc Neuhardt, a local dancer and their relationship would last 47 years until Roc’s death in 2017.

With book and original song (with lyrics) by donnie, and additional lyrics and music by Tom Grant, Marv/Rindy Ross, Jon Quesenberry, Storm Large, Rody Ortega, Wesley Bowers. Additional songs like Rhinestone Cowboy, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Hangem’ High, Send in the Clowns, and Proud Mary also featured.

triangle productions! presents the world premiere of this new work.

Performance Dates

Thursday Sept. 19 @ 7:30pm
Friday Sept. 20 @ 7:30pm
Saturday Sept. 21 @ 7:30pm

Thursday Sept. 26 @ 7:30pm
Friday Sept. 27 @ 7:30pm
Saturday Sept. 28 @ 7:30pm
Sunday Sept. 29 @ 2:00pm

Thursday Oct. 3 @ 7:30pm
Friday Oct. 4 @ 7:30pm
Saturday Oct. 5 @ 7:30pm


Premiering at The Lincoln Hall in the PSU Performance Center

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