Don Horn

DON and triangle participates in the ghost light project - @theghostlightproject

DON and triangle participates in the ghost light project - @theghostlightproject

Don or as his friends call him, Donnie started triangle productions! in 1989 and has been the driving force for the company since the beginning. He also is a playwright with 8 shows ‘under his belt’ including Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera, Night with Day, ’69 – the sexual revolution musical, Soph: an evening with the Last of the Red-Hot Mamas, Gracie - a musical adventure, Ari-Maria and The Jim Pepper Project. He holds a BS and MBA from City University and has over 10 published books including, Crumbs of Love and Agapi Mou (in English and Greek). He also is a member of the Dramatists Guild, NAMT (National Alliance of Musical Theatre), and PATA.

About Us

Established in 1989, triangle productions! has enjoyed a unique niche in the arts landscape of Oregon by producing rich stories told through diverse perspectives, particularly the gay perspective. Using the company’s mission, each show is chosen with the goal of promoting diversity and acceptance. The theatre deeply values both artists and audience members equally, ensuring that each feels included and that every show embodies a core of truth and humanity. triangle has produced approximately 250 shows and theatrical events in its 29-years and has been recognized by 89 nominations or wins for its productions from Best Production (“I Love You-You’re Perfect-Now Change”) to Best Songs (“Perverts” and “You’ll be Fine” from “ ’69 – the sexual revolution musical”).


Keeping Up with Us

Don has, once again, provided us with a stimulating, thought-provoking platform on which to view Life! He is quite the artist and his cast seems to respond to his gentle nudges.
— Dennis Sparks