Rent Main Stage



Located at 1785 NE Sandy Blvd


Included in the rental package for main stage:

  • Box office (room) is located on the NE 18th side of the lobby) Tickets only can be sold through this office. There is a computer to access ticket sales. The ticket printer is set up to only print Arts-People tickets via website. Sales of tickets to be discussed during negotiations)

  • Concession Room. Sales of concessions to be discussed during negotiations. triangle maintains an OLCC license to sell hard liquor as well the required insurance.

  • Actors dressing room that holds up to 10 actor/musicians with 2 clothes racks, bathroom, small refrigerator and microwave oven. NOTE: Actors Dressing entrance is shared by audience that uses the hallway to use public restrooms. The two public bathrooms are locked and only unlocked and used by patrons during performance times - actors, musicians, technicians are request NOT to use patron restrooms.

  • Extra dressing room IS available at an additional cost – across from Actors Dressing and does not have bathroom or any amenities. Must use hallway audience uses as well.

  • Green Room (off of main stage – can be used for dressing area and limited storage)

  • Lighting Equipment (list is detailed separately) NOTE: This is an old building and there is limited electrical pull and the owner will not allow any attachments to ceiling or walls thus the use of truss only. [Light booth is located in the back of the theatre where audience enters.]

  • 30 on-site parking space (entrance off of Sandy Blvd, north onto NE 17th – turn right into lot. Signs indicate “resident - permit parking only” triangle productions! is a resident of the building, and has full use of the lot during performance dates/times).

  • Limited display area – nothing can be attached to walls or placed in lobby unless approved by triangle productions! (due to strict requirements of owner)

  • Outside signage – free standing, lit sign can be use. A fee to make sign is charged. Installation is included in the sign fee. Order must be 3 weeks before first performance.

  • The seating is “pew” seating – long benches with a slight rake from stage back and the spaces capacity per Fire Marshall is 213, however, 150 seat comfortably and recommend not to exceed 150. Risers have been installed for 3/4 of the space - limited rise to the seating area.

  • Wheelchair/ADA accessible

  • 5 entrances to the stage: 2 through lobby (entrance of audience); one on each side of stage and one through green room.

  • Free Wi-Fi – no house phone available.

  • Sound Equipment – 16 channel sound board, 2 amplifiers, 75’ sound snake, 6 house speaker and 2 on stage monitors ARE included. All microphones (hand held, lapel or ear is an additional charge). One choir microphone has been installed above stage.

  • 2 Baby Monitors for “off stage” are placed on both sides of the exterior walls of the theatre.

  • 24’ track and grey curtains are available at no charge.

  • 32” television monitor has been installed over audience facing stage for on visual, stage monitor. This television cannot be moved from its location. [RENTER must bring own camera equipment]

  • LESSOR does not supply any flats or set pieces – all must be supplied by RENTER.

  • NOTE: Approximate dimensions of the stage is 24' wide and 21' deep. It is a raised stage approximately 2 1/2'. There is no wing space, no cross over space - however there are 5 entrance areas [2 from lobby through audience; 2 stage right/stage left and one on north side of back of stage.


Rehearsal/Tech Rates

$15.00/hr. with a 2/hr. minimum (tech dates/load in/load outs fall under this – charged outside hours stated considered “performance”. No rental starts before 8 am and no rental can extend past 11pm.

Performance Rates

  • Monday – Wednesday 6 pm – 10 pm $225.00

  • Thursday 6 pm – 10 pm $275.00

  • Friday, Saturday 6 pm – 10 pm $350.00

  • Sunday matinee 12 noon – 4 pm $225.00

  • Sunday evening 5 pm – 9 pm $275.00

NOTE: There is no slots for late-night performances

NOTE: Combining Rehearsal/Tech Rates before or after Performances is allowable by RENTER and will be charged by LESSOR

NOTE: Any need for advisory personnel such as House Lighting or Sound Designer RENTER will negotiate with those individuals and will be paid directly.

Staff Rates

  • House Manager $50/night per Performance times

  • Box Office Personnel $12/hr

  • Stage Manager, Light or Sound Operator – rate to be determined with needs of show (normally between $75-100 per show)

Equipment rates

  • Please contact Don Horn via email: for rates on the projector screens, microphones, and other additional equipment


  • One staff member from triangle productions! must be present during all rental times – per signed lease with owner. There is no charge for this.

  • No keys will be assigned to RENTER as one staff person will on-site at all times.

  • All renters must rent under the “umbrella of triangle productions!” either as a co- production or in association per signed lease with owner.

  • RENTER must have their own liability insurance - minimum $1,000,000.

  • RENTER will be required to pay 20% of rental costs up front; balance of ½ at first performance and balance at last performance (or rental if RENTER is only using theatre to rehearse)

  • RENTER CANNOT change the configuration of the stage area and is not allowed to anchor anything into the walls, ceiling or floor.

  • RENTER must take space back to pre-rental condition.


Download Main Stage Diagram Here

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