Our History

Established in 1989, triangle productions! has enjoyed a unique niche in the arts landscape of Oregon by producing rich stories told through diverse perspectives, particularly the gay perspective. Using the company’s mission, each show is chosen with the goal of promoting diversity and acceptance. The theatre deeply values both artists and audience members equally, ensuring that each feels included and that every show embodies a core of truth and humanity. triangle has produced approximately 200 shows and theatrical events in its 24-years and has been recognized by 89 nominations or wins for its productions from Best Production (“I Love You-You’re Perfect-Now Change”) to Best Songs (“Perverts” and “You’ll be Fine” from “ ’69 – the sexual revolution musical”).

The theatre was part of the original four (ART, Oregon Stage and Stark Raving) to work with Actor's Equity to institute an ‘Umbrella Contract’ in Portland (allowing theatres with less than 125 seats to hire Equity actors at a reduced salary). Portland was the second city outside Dallas, TX at the time to receive this contract and since then it is used in almost every major city in the US.  And, triangle was responsible, in the mid 90's to establish a lower per column inch rate for advertising in The Oregonian, if certain headline banners were used.

Over its long history, the company has produced in a variety of spaces throughout Portland including The Firehouse Theatre (SW Montgomery), Day Theatre, Clinton Street Theatre, Ellyn Bye Studio at PCS, World Trade Center Auditorium, CoHo, and even Jimmy Mak’s jazz club. triangle has been responsible for opening three performances spaces; Theater! Theatre! on SE Belmont, Theatre Rhinoceros in NW, and presently, The Sanctuary @ Sandy Plaza on NE Sandy Blvd (where the company has resided for three years and just signed a new 5-year lease).

triangle has been known to produce some of the most provocative theatre in Portland, unflinching in its presentations of “Beirut,” “Bent,” “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom,” “Naked Boys Singing,” “Dyke and the Porn Star,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” and "I Love You-You're Perfect-Now Change". It also has tackled many issues that are very relevant socially such as HIV/AIDS, Children and AIDS, Alzheimer's, bareback sex, bullying, racism, Japanese interment, homophobia, and abortion, among many others.

The company has been recognized locally, regionally, and internationally because of its productions, most notably “Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera,” where the company/show was on Entertainment Tonight, CNN, ESPN, and the BBC.

triangle has an artistic reputation that it has worked very hard to maintain, striving to ensure that the actors are complimented by the lighting, set, and costumes (not upstaged by them) and that everyone who works on a production is paid a fair and just wage. triangle also strives to be certain that what the playwright intended with his/her words and the story that has been written, be told with care and integrity and executed properly and with respect. The theatre is known for not 'following the pack,' instear producing theatre that is 'outside the box'. It is uniquely an individualized organization that works with other organizations (Basic Rights Oregon and NAYA - Native American Youth Family Center) but still maintains its independence to produce quality, thought provoking work.