Twenty-nine years of productions! As we go into season 29, here's a look back at all that came before.

Seasons 1-5

1st Season: (Firehouse Theater – SW Montgomery Blvd)

1990-- After the Rain

2nd Season: “...tell momma, good-bye…” (first performed at Women/Children/HIV Conference at Janzen Beach Red Lion and then at Firehouse Theatre) (nominee for Oregon Book Award – Best New Play)

1991-- Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (Clinton Street Theatre); The Paranormal Review; Jude Narita: Coming into Passion; Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (revival); Don’t know the Color of Rainbows, Actually; Don We Now Our Gay Apparel [produced at The Embers Night Club];

1992-- Measure for Measure; Beirut (WON Drammy Award Best Actress – Riassa Fleming); Jude Narita: Coming Into Passion II; Psycho Beach Party; (all at Theatre Paris – 3rd and Burnside)


3rd Season: (Theatre Paris – 3rd and Burnside)

BENT (Drammy nominees for Best Play, Best Set Design, Best Director and WON for Best Actor-Michael Mendelson and WON Best Supporting Actor Max Baker); Springfield USA; Vampire Lesbians of Sodom (revival) (this show was moved to Portland Civic Blue Room); Reform School Vixens; Brainwaves A Family Value$ Chri$tma$ $how;

1993-- Recovering From Myself; A Snake in the Vein (Nominated for Drammy - Best Play and WON for Best Set Design – Tim Stapleton); Breaching; Blue Plate Special (Nominated for Drammy – Best Musical and Best Lighting Design – David Alexander Tallman)

Summer:  The Great Brain Robbery; Greater Tuna;


4th Season:  

Blue Plate Special (revival) (final show at Theatre Paris);

1994-- The Baltimore Waltz; A Sum of Us; (Portland Repertory Theater – Stage II NW)


5th Season: (Portland Repertory Theatre – Stage II NW)

Falsettos (WON Drammy Award for Best Musical, Best Director – Pamela Livingstone, Nominated for Best Actress- Susan Mars, Best Actor Rick Lewis and Eric Hadley, Best Lighting Design and WON also for Outstanding Young Person’s Performance – Adam Andreas);

1995-- Jeffrey (WON Drammy for Best Supporting Actor Michael Mendelson and WON Best Supporting Actress Sarah Lucht and nominated for Best Play, Best Director Jon Kretzu and Best Actor, Rob Buckmaster); Dishin’ With Divine (Nominated for Best New Play and Best Original Play); Dishin’ With Divine (tour – Seattle and San Francisco); Kathy n’ Mo (show performed at Clinton Street as fire marshall closed down PRT Stage II)


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