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is a proud sponsor of the show.


by Lanford Wilson

THE MADNESS OF LADY BRIGHT traces the mental breakdown of Lesley Bright, an aging homosexual whose past returns to haunt him with the emptiness of the choices he made.

Gary Norman stars in this short play by Lanford Wilson, among the earliest of the gay theatre movement. It was first performed at Joe Cino's Caffe Cino in May 1964 and went on to tour internationally, appearing in revivals to the present day. It has been cited as the first off-Broadway production to receive mainstream critical attention.


                   Gary Norman

                   Gary Norman

And, the second half of the evening....

TRANS-formation by Donnie

World Premiere production about the real story of how George Jorgensen in 1947 became Christine Jorgensen, who was the first person to become widely known in the United States for having sex reassignment surgery and became the spokesperson for transgender people everywhere. This show traces the time period from 1947 until 1954.


                          Jacquille Davis                     Matthew Sunderland


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