Please thank and support our generous sponsors!

The generosity that has been shown to triangle over the years has been amazing. And in generosity, I don't mean just dollars (which is necessary) but also all of you coming, sharing time with us, and being part of what I call a theatre family. Theatre tickets only supply a fraction of the financing needed to help us present quality theatre. In the past few years we have received tremendous financial support, and acknowledging it is something the Board of triangle wishes to do. Listed below are those who have given to the company specifically for our 27th season. 


          ronni lacroute fund   
of the cornell university foundation                                 REA CHARITABLE TRUST

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Jean Pierce
Roscoe Nelson
Anne Doyle

$500 - $1,999 

Barbara Cohen
Howard and Jen Feldman
Lenny Borer
Carl Snook



Don Speigal & Debbie Davis
Joanne Ross
Michael & Joyce Brallier


Bob & Debbie Beck
Elizabeth Griffith
Linda Dyer
Michael & Joyce Brallier
James Bomay
Jo Ellen Miller
Eileen and Alfred Ono
Naomi Kerstein
Sigfredo Martinez
Karen & Craig Greenleaf
James & Michelle Maida Hager
Gary Taliaferro
David Robertson
Mark & Roena Parker
Tom Hansen & Ruth Ann Angell
Anne Hoot
Marsha Manning & Peter Aller
Jeffery Willis & Joe Tonn
Peter Vennewitz
Robert Stevens & Michael Moorefield
Michael Bishop


Kathy Webber
Myrna Rhodes
Sharon & Scott Forbes
Valerie Garrett
Rebecca Harrison & Daniel Cowan
Anita Black
Sharon Ralston
David & Nancy Thomas
Merryl Mix

Special Sponsors

Young Voices