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On February 6, 2013, a beloved patron named Joan Hayward who had been coming to triangle for over 21 years, lost her battle with cancer. triangle’s founder and Joan's personal friend Don Horn sat down with her during her final months. She asked him to produce the play American Fiesta and use her 230+ piece Fiestaware© collection as the set, and then sell all of the pieces as a fundraiser for triangle. 

Now, her wishes are being fulfilled as her entire collection sits on stage at The Sandy Plaza welcoming patrons to not only view her collection, but consider purchasing a piece to add to their own collection. As he was placing the pieces on stage, Don said, “This multicolored tableware is amazingly accepting. It doesn’t matter what color, shape or size - Fiestaware© always goes together and that’s the way our world and our lives should be.”

triangle is grateful for the incredible support Joan provided throughout her life, and could never have anticipated the extent of the impact Joan’s legacy has, and will continue to have on the company. triangle partnered with Basic Rights Oregon and Oregon United for Marriage to support the play's message about equality, love, and commitment. A facilitated discussion with Basic Rights Oregon is scheduled for December 1st after the 2pm show.

Perhaps most interestingly is how the company views the big picture, and what Joan’s gifts inspire. Horn added, “This is the perfect way to celebrate Joan’s life – it’s exactly what she wanted for us and I think in the end, her contributions will have an even greater impact that any of us could have expected. We’ve certainly learned a lot about Fiestaware© that we never knew before!”