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OMG...It's The Donnie Show!



Hilarious and saucy, Triangle Productions welcomes The Donnie Show back to the stage for an evening that combines elements of song, dance, and a talk show.

After a raunchy introduction from the fictional sex advice columnist Sandy Cane, Founder and Director of Triangle Productions Don Horn (Donnie) was ushered in by "The Donettes", a trio of dancers remeniscent of The Supremes. Each performance of the show promises to be different from the last with rotating interviewees, musical performances, and comedic bits. Friday night's performance was its penultimate with special guests Corey Brunish and Margie Boulé.

Corey Brunish is a two time Tony award winner who is producing six shows on Broadway. On the show he discussed the challenges and benefits of living between Portland and New York City and helping to connect talent from the two cities. You may know Margie Boulé from a number of different fields: as a co-host of AM Northwest in the 70s and 80s, a writer for the Oregonian, and a performer in one hundred different shows in fifty years of acting. She decribed her transition from working in radio and television to working on stage and performed a compilation of musical numbers from shows she's always wanted to play.

The Donnie Show is a return to the sketch and variety shows of the 70s like (as the playbill suggests) The Ed Sullivan Show and Laugh In. A highlight from that evening's show was the informal talent show where members of the audience competed against each other for prizes. Without much prompting from Donnie, singers, contortionists, comedians and more seemed to come out of the woodwork to display their talents. It was refreshing to see people so unafraid to put themselves out there. In another bit, the audience played a version of The Price is Right where we compared the price of an item you can get at The Dollar Tree to its brand name equivalent at drugstores and supermarkets. The audience shouted out prices winning items like Vitamins, gas relievers, and hemmeroid cream. If to describe this show in one word, it would be "zany".

The Donnie Show is performing its last show of the season tonight, June 28th at The Sanctuary at Sandy Plaza. The show starts at 7:30 PM. Tickets and more information at Trianglepro.org